Hi there, my name is Rory Hulse

Research Associate

The University of Manchester

I joined the NEWAM project in February 2019, immediately after completion of my PhD.  I am based at the University of Manchester and I completed my PhD at the same institution, under the supervision of Chris Race.  My PhD research focus was computational simulations of irradiation-induced defects and their associated X-ray diffraction profiles.  In the NEWAM project, I continue to work as a computational materials scientist.  However, my focus is now on simulating solidification of metals and diffusion in metals.  The purpose of this work is to offer insights into tailoring compositions and processing conditions for optimal microstructures in WAM processed metals.  Before my PhD, I gained a first class honours degree, in physics, at the University of Sheffield.  I came to Sheffield as a mature student, after a variety of prior endeavors.  Outside of my busy research schedule, I like to make the most of my free time by travelling and keeping fit.



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