Outreach activity, Robert Bloomfield Academy, February 2022

On 8th February 2022, our Outreach activity team based at Cranfield participated in the Year 8 Elective Day organised by Robert Bloomfield Academy, Shefford, Bedfordshire.

A group of 12-13 year old pupils (17 boys, 7 girls), took part of the event: the main focus was on careers and how 3D printing is currently used in different industries.

The children learned about Additive Manufacturing, followed by a virtual tour of how some of the work is carried out at the Cranfield University laboratory.

The children enjoyed the quiz set by the team, based mainly on the Additive Manufacturing talk and their own knowledge. They had the opportunity to ask many questions, such as whether food or body parts could be 3D printed, what are the environmental impact when 3D printing and many more. At last, they enjoyed the diversity of the team, hearing their stories and different career paths.

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