Hi there, my name is Gonçalo Pardal

Senior Research Fellow

Cranfield University

I finished my masters in mechanical engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon in 2011. I came to the UK to start my PhD in welding engineering at Cranfield University.

The PhD was entitled, “Joining of dissimilar alloys for advanced structural and engineering applications”, where I studied the possibility of joining steel to aluminium and titanium to stainless steel using several welding techniques, several interlayers and the use of additive manufacturing to build transition components.

At the end of my PhD I was invited to stay at the welding engineering and laser processing centre as a Research Fellow. I have been involved in several projects using high power laser welding, laser and arc hybrid additive manufacturing and also in the development of new facilities and equipment for the WELPC department.

In the NEWAM project I am in charge of the integration of the multi energy sources for AM and development of tools to support all of the researchers working at Cranfield University. I will also help in the planning and management of the experimental work within this project.

As main hobbies I have a passion for 3D printing I have a plastic 3D printer at home that I use regularly during my free time. I also enjoy walking listening to music watching TV.



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