Hi there, my name is Jin Ye

PhD student

Coventry University

Jin Ye comes from Guangdong Province, China. He completed his bachelor’s degree in nuclear engineering at Grenoble INP, France in 2017 and one year later he handed in his master’s degree thesis in ultrasonic non-destructive testing at University of Bristol. He was selected as the only intern in Bristol to Hitachi-GE Nuclear ltd, Japan, where he was working on stress evaluation in pipe cooling system in a power plant for two months. During his two-year professional stage as a research associate at a materials research centre in China, he had been involved in a few industry-related projects regarding residual stress characterisation and measurement in various fields including additive manufacturing. Since then, his research interest has moved to mechanical testing of additively manufactured samples for automobile and aerospace industries. Later, he was successfully accepted as a PhD new starter at Coventry University.

His research focus is Advanced Aluminium Alloys made by Additive Manufacturing: effect of process induced defects on fatigue strength.

His hobbies consist of music, badminton, football, and language learning such as French and Japanese.



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