Hi there, my name is Kuladeep Rajamudili

Research Fellow

Cranfield University

I joined the Welding Engineering and Laser Processing Centre at Cranfield University in 2016. I have been involved in projects such as laser cutting, welding and peening using high power and high peak power lasers. The centre provides an excellent platform to work and interact with diverse groups from both academy and industry. It is a great opportunity to be part of the NEWAM as there is a large scope of learning. I am working in laser, plasma and hybrid additive manufacturing in the NEWAM.

Alongside my main research line, I also enjoy working with students/visitors on their projects. I received my PhD from University of Hyderabad, India in 2015. My doctoral thesis is on laser material interactions with metals and semiconductors towards photonic applications.

In my free time I enjoy watching news and cricket, going for long walks and cooking.



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