Hi there, my name is Nina Binaei

PhD student

I am a PhD student in the Engineering and Photonics Department at Cranfield University, where I started my PhD  in February 2020. My project is oxygen monitoring for Additive Manufacturing Processes.  I am also interested in my PhD project as it is an application of Physics in Welding Processes. I enjoy learning about welding and be part of the NEWAM project.

I am Iranian and I received my bachelor and master of physics in Iran. It is worth mentioning that my master was about beam shaping using optical fibre. After graduation, I started working in a Photonic research institute doing research on lasers like welding and cutting lasers.

I love reading books, travelling around the world and communicating with people. One of the reasons I came to the UK is to work in a multicultural environment and to make new friends with different nationalities. I am also hardworking, easygoing and very keen to communicate at my workplace to share experience and knowledge.





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