Ti5553 Homogenisation Modelling

High strength titanium alloys are often heavily alloyed so the β phase is stable at room temperature.  Ti-5553 is one such β stabilised alloy and is a promising candidate for WAAM built aerospace components.  During solidification of Ti-5553, microsegregation occurs as alloying elements are preferentially rejected or accepted by the growing solid.  This is a complex process in WAAM since newly deposited layers reheat previous depositions which allows diffusion and an uneven distribution of microsegregation throughout the part

A heat treatment may be needed, post-WAAM, to homogenise the alloy solutes back to their nominal compositions.

The model was created to help optimising this heat treatment by simulating the homogenisation via a multi-component diffusion model. The component diffusivities used in the model were calculated using the CALPAD method.

The experiment shows the homogenisation heat treatments simulation, for various times and temperatures. 


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