Ti grain refinement

Titanium is an attractive material for additive manufacturing as its conventional processing is expensive, time consuming and requires significant machining resulting in high buy to fly ratios, however, AM Ti parts have solidification structures primarily consisting of large columnar grains oriented in the build direction, resulting in large anisotropy and poor mechanical properties. These form during solidification due to a narrow solidification range and low constitutional undercoolings, especially in common alloys such as Ti-64, which results in solidification by epitaxial growth from the substrate and previous layers rather than nucleation of new solid. In order to reduce anisotropy and improve mechanical properties, alloy and process modification methods are being investigated to modify and refine the primary beta grain


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β recrystallization in inter-pass deformed Ti-6Al-4V

The effect of processing parameters on rapid-heating β recrystallization in inter-pass deformed Ti-6Al-4V wire-arc additive manufacturing


Observation of annealing twins

On the observation of annealing twins during simulating β-grain refinement in Ti–6Al–4V high deposition rate AM with in-process deformation