Hi there, my name is Wojciech Suder

Senior lecturer in Laser Processing and Additive Manufacture

Cranfield University

I am a researcher scientist working on various projects in laser processing, arc welding and additive manufacture. My area of expertise is in laser processing, arc welding and hybrid laser welding for various applications from micro-joining to thick section welding. I hold a PhD in laser welding from Cranfield University and MSc in Materials Science from Gdansk University of Technology. Over a couple of years I have been actively involved in research on fundamentals of laser-material interactions and development of laser welding for various applications. One of the outcomes of the work was development of simple algorithms for improvement of transferability of laser processes between different lasers. I work actively towards promoting more robust “black art” free laser welding, by encouraging better understanding of laser welding amongst the laser users. The work, therefore, has been strongly applied and closely collaborative with various industries. I am a hands-on man with good knowledge and interest fundamental aspects of welding technology and engineering. In the NEWAM project I am the lead for Process Development, which is focused on research and design of new processes tailored for additive manufacture not welding. In private life I am a friendly introvert who only talks to people who have familiar faces. In my free time I usually fix my old car, do some sport and listen to serious music.  



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