Material Development

Developing new wire compositions of advanced microstructures

First-stage metallurgical investigations have been carried out, focusing on titanium, in order to better understand the limitations of applying WAAM to, alternative alloys, improve the consistency of mature alloys (Ti64), print novel material concepts, and guide the development of the process.

Four major areas have been the current focus of investigation: (i) Ti-64 microstructure quantification, to confidently understand WAAM deposition and microstructure development in Ti-64 so that with active thermal management ‘constant’ properties can be achieved and to develop a models to predict microstructure; (ii) Beta Ti-alloys, to extend the applicability of WAAM into high strength Ti alloys; (iii) Refine β grain structures with minimum metallurgical side effects by alloy and process modification, to refine the undesirable coarse columnar solidification structure found in WAAM of Ti to reduce the anisotropy and improve mechanical properties; and iv) Graded materials - Alloy-Alloy Composites (AAC) - to take full advantage of the nature of WAAM and build parts with tailored properties by using multiple alloys.

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