Hi there, my name is David Rico Sierra

Research Fellow in Additive Manufacturing

Cranfield University

I am a Mechatronics engineer from the ITESM – Mexico. I move to the U.K. to start my MSc in Product Design & Management, and then my PhD in Laser Processing both at the University of Liverpool. My PhD was focused on the creation of super-hydrophobic surfaces in titanium alloy through laser surface texturing.

During my PhD I had the opportunity to provide support in the laboratory on different subjects such as laser surface texturing, laser cutting with robotic integration and laser forming. I have experience in automation through my background and experience with the use of robots during my PhD.

I love working in multi-disciplinary teams due to the endless opportunities for obtaining knowledge from people with different expertise. I enjoy being involved in manufacturing research projects and being able to contribute with my work and knowledge for the development of new processes and technologies.

During my spare time, I enjoy exploring and visiting different places, watching movies and playing some video games.



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