Hi there, my name is Eloise Eimer

Senior Research Fellow in Additive Manufacture

Cranfield University

I was a PhD student until spring 2019 and now am a Research Fellow at Cranfield University. I am working on the development of additive manufacturing for high strength aluminium alloys.  I like to design experimental plans and work in the lab. I also enjoy working with students on their projects.

I’m working on diverse projects, and many of them are directly or indirectly related to the NEWAM project. I’m happy to be part of the NEWAM diverse team because it is a great chance for me to learn from others and to try to contribute to such a large project.

I love to bake cakes and pastries… Probably because I can’t find the same amount of butter in English deserts compared to French ones! My colleagues usually enjoy being my guinea pigs for new recipes. I try to compensate for this hobby with my passion for sports like weight lifting, and hiking when I have the chance to spend time in altitude.



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