Hi there, my name is Ed Pickering

Lecturer in Metallurgy

The University of Manchester

I am a Lecturer in Metallurgy in the School of Materials, University of Manchester.  My work involves examining the fine-scale structure of alloys, like steels, using high-resolution electron microscopes, and relating this structure to the mechanical properties and manufacturing route of the materials. My investigations usually aim to (i) understand why alloys have the properties they do, and (ii), to improve the properties of the alloys by changing the elements we add into them, or by changing the way in which we produce them.  I work closely with a number of high-profile companies, such as Rolls-Royce plc and Sheffield Forgemasters International.

I completed my undergraduate (2011) and PhD (2014) at the University of Cambridge, and was employed as a postdoc there for one year before joining the University of Manchester as a Lecturer in late 2015.  I sit on the Management Boards of the Advanced Metallic Systems and the Fusion Centres for Doctoral Training. I have published 25 papers, 10 as first author.

My role in NEWAM is to help understand and improve the behaviour of alloy components produced by the NEWAM process.

In my spare time, I enjoy swimming, cycling and hiking. 



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