Hi there, my name is Jian Qin

Lecturer in Digitalisation for Metal Additive Manufacturing

Cranfield University

Dr. Jian Qin currently serves as a Lecturer in Digitalisation for Metal Additive Manufacturing in Welding and Additive Manufacturing Centre at Cranfield University. He leads pioneering research in monitoring and automating wire based Direct Energy Deposition Additive Manufacturing (w-DEDAM) processes. Dr. Qin's academic career is marked by a profound passion for high-value manufacturing, with a particular focus on w-DEDAM. He commenced his academic journey at Cardiff University in 2015, culminating in the successful completion of his PhD in 2019. Subsequently, he joined Cranfield University's Welding and Additive Manufacturing Centre, holding the position of Research Fellow from 2019 to 2023. His research primarily focuses on monitoring, control, and data analysis for AM systems and processes. His mission is to enhance the efficiency, automation, and intelligence of advanced manufacturing systems, recognizing their pivotal applications across a diverse range of industries.



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