Hi there, my name is Anne Fiorucci

Assistant Project Manager & Centre/Laboratory administrator

Cranfield University

I have been working at Cranfield University as a secretary since 2009, firstly within the Precision Engineering Institute and in the last two years mainly within the Welding Engineering and Laser Processing Centre, both within the Manufacturing Department.

Being a very well organised, conscientious and thorough individual, I decided to follow my mother’s steps and focus my studies on secretarial skills towards the end of my school years. In 2005, I earned a BA in Modern Foreign Languages from Royal Holloway College and I joined the University of Bedfordshire as a secretary, working for the School of Education and Performing Arts.

Following on, I decided to change career path I obtained a PGCE in MFL in 2008. However, after a very brief disappointing career as a secondary teacher, I went back to my dear vocation and joined Cranfield University as a secretary.

I enjoy spending lots of my time gardening when the weather is decent, watching films -mostly thrillers - and cooking.



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