Hi there, my name is Yongle Sun

Lecturer in Additive Manufacture

Cranfield University

I am a lecturer in Additive Manufacture at Cranfield University. I have over 10 years research experience tackling the scientific and application challenges associated with engineering materials, such as high-strength/low-alloy steels, lightweight protective materials (e.g. energy-absorbing and load-attenuating foams) and thermal barrier coating systems. These materials / systems and the ways to process them play crucial roles in underpinning our energy and aerospace industries.

I obtained BSc and MSc in Mechanics at Xi'an Jiaotong University (2011) and PhD in Mechanical Engineering at The University of Manchester (2015). I worked as a research associate in modelling of manufacturing processes at Manchester before joining Cranfield University as a lecturer in February, 2020. I am the first author of 12 research papers published in leading journals in the fields of solid mechanics, materials and manufacturing, as well as a corresponding author or a co-author of other over 20 engineering journal papers. My research findings about welding, in particular the multi-pass steel weld dilution, phase transformation, tempering, inter-part gapping distortion and residual stresses, have been applied in UK nuclear energy industry to address the technical challenges associated with new nuclear manufacturing, as part of the outcomes from NNUMAN and MATTEAR projects with total funding of £9M.

My role in NEWAM encompasses modelling of process and dissemination/exploitation of research.

I enjoy reading, running and playing music in my spare time.



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