Hi there, my name is Alec Davis

Lecturer of Metallurgy and Materials Characterisation

The University of Manchester

Alec Davis received his PhD in Advanced Metallics from the University of Manchester designing magnesium alloys for aerospace applications. From 2018 to 2021, he was a research assistant at the University of Manchester, developing additive manufacturing technology and titanium metallurgy aerospace component production for several projects (including NEWAM), with a focus on microstructural analysis using electron microscopy and in-situ techniques. He was appointed a lectureship at the beginning of 2022 in metallurgy and materials characterisation. 

He also holds a BSc(Hons) in Physics from the Open University, and a BA(Hons) in Popular Music and Sound Recording from the University of Salford. In his spare time, he writes, records, and performs music, and operates a twenty-four-hour door-opening service for his two cats.



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