Hi there, my name is Alireza M. Haghighi

PhD student

Cranfield University

I am Alireza M. Haghighi and I am 29 years old. I graduated with BSc. degree of Mechanical  Engineering Heat and Fluids in August 2016, and received an MSc in Applied Mechanics in December 2019 from Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, Iran,  investigating the effects of welding parameters, preheating and time interval on residual stress and distortion of joining ST52 T-shape stiffener ring in an AISI4130 thin-walled tubular shell. My research background is in the fields of simulating and analysing welding and additive manufacturing processes by means of numerical method and image processing of porous materials. I also have industrial work experience with CNC wire cut machine at RADSANAT Co. between 2020 to 2021. My research focuses on predicting the bead geometry of wire based direct energy deposition process by means of analytical and empirical methods, and calculation of thermal mass of the process based on effective parameters such as tool path. Also, controlling the bead geometry according to the predicted thermal mass by means of adaptive parameters such as process parameters, deposition strategy and validating the results with numerical and experimental methods in order to modify and develop the bead deposition of wire based processes to a new level with less defects and higher precision and efficiency rate. My hobbies are swimming and playing volleyball.



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